Pros of booking your hotel room online

Hotel Santa Pera: Pros of booking your hotel room online

Hotels are your home away from home when you travel, but sometimes booking at the hotel can result in extra fees and charges. To keep your travel expenses low, you should understand the basics of online booking to avoid a fully booked hotel. Here are some benefits you can consider to book your hotel online for your next trip!

You can compare prices

Depending on the location, season, and the quality of the hotel, the prices may differ. Booking through trusted applications such as, Agoda or the hotels official website will help you avoid expensive rates. 

Choosing a hotel with a good location and up to date amenities while staying on a budget is quite difficult to attain. It might be hard to look but it is possible, all you need to do is research. 

You can check reviews

If you are booking online, you can get a candid review about the hotel’s facilities and guests experiences. Before booking the hotel, you can check the hotel reviews and its star system. It is important to check reviews, because some are honest and are actually helpful. These will also give you an accurate image of what you can expect from your stay.

This is essential because most booking websites post enhanced photos that would give you high expectations but leave you disappointed when already there. Reviews can be really helpful so you don’t waste your money on a bad service hotel. 

Online booking is open 24/7

Sometimes your internet connection can be really annoying, but thanks to the online booking system, you can book your accommodation anytime. 

 Your payment is easier

When booking online you are asked to pay through your debit or credit cards. This is so much easier rather than doing it manually, like going at atm machines to withdraw.

However, make sure you show up during your booking date since hotels have cancellation fees that will be deducted from your account.

Booking using your credit card can be quite a risk. A little bit of vigilance and common sense go a long way to keep your money  and identity safe. Make sure to book at online bookings that are legitimate, or you can opt to book at the official website of the hotel. 

Book with us!

If you are travelling to Thailand and still haven’t decided where to stay, book Hotel Santa Pera hotel. We offer an online booking service for you! 

Koh Lam is about 7 kilometers from Pattaya Island, a popular location for tourists. It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, with a peaceful ambiance. Visit our website and book with us now! We can’t wait to see you!

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