Top 5 inspirational places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities to visit when travelling to the Middle East. The city wears its culture and history with pride and it’s reflected in the architecture and lifestyle of its citizens. 

Through the years, the city was able to inspire the rest of the world in its ability to blend its history with modernity. Although the country has adopted the innovations of the 21st century, you can still see the city’s reverence to its roots through architecture.

There are mosques, basilicas, and cathedrals with amazing facades and detailed designs that you can visit. Moreover, there are also ancient bazaars that trace their roots thousands of years ago and still survive today. 

It’s tricky to find the right accommodation that’ll suit your needs if you’re planning a trip to the beautiful megacity of Turkey. It’s a large city with countless tourist attractions to visit. You’ll need a place that’s accessible to various transportation routes and more importantly, can provide you with quality service that you deserve. 

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Istanbul attractions

As one of the largest cities in the country, Istanbul has various tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Tourists like you should never pass up the chance to learn the history of the city through these beautiful places that can be seen all over Istanbul.

While you’re planning an itinerary for your Istanbul vacation, make sure to book a reservation at Hotel Santa Pera! We’ll make sure that your stay at our hotel will be worthwhile. 

Here are some of the best places to visit as recommended by the Hotel Santa Pera team:

Galata Tower

This nine-story building used to be the tallest facade in Istanbul during the medieval times. In 1348, it was used as an observatory tower that people used to spot fires all over town. Over the centuries, the building was modified to fit a more modern lifestyle. It now houses cafes and restaurants where visitors can look over the ledge and witness stunning sceneries of the city. 

The Galeta Tower was built in 500 AD and dominates the beautiful skyline of Istanbul. This medieval site is worth the visit because within the walls lie the facade’s historic roots dating back to the Genoese and the Ottoman Empire. 

Historic sites can reveal a lot about the place you visit and how the citizens value their roots. One of the finest examples of this is the Galata Tower. Never miss the chance to visit this site when you stay at Hotel Santa Pera. There are transportation shuttles that our guests can use to visit the tower. Contact the reception through the landline phone in your room so we can set it up for you. 

Istanbul Archeological Museum 

In actuality, the Istanbul Archeological Museum is made up of three different units housing historic items and artefacts about Turkey. It was the first museum to be ever built in the country during the 19th century. 

During the reign of the Ottoman empire, collecting historical artefacts abounded. This patriotism of preserving artefacts that are crucial to the country’s history helped in flouring their culture even further.

You can now learn more about the history of turkey through the three complex units of the museum namely The Archeological Museum, The Museum of Ancient Oriental Works, and The Tiled Kiosk Museum. This place houses a lot of interesting facts not only about Turkey, but about the world during the Ottoman Empire. 

If you’re a history buff that’s interested in learning about these things, this is the perfect place for you to visit. It’s only a short distance away from the hotel. Ask one of the Hotel Santa Pera staff to tell you the directions on how to get there. There are available public transportation vehicles that you can use to go there. 

Chora Church

During the Byzantine era when Istanbul was still known as Constantinople, The Monastery of Christ and Chora was built. This facade is one of the most important architectural pieces of the country because it features monumental art from the Byzantine period. 

The beautiful artworks are what compel most tourists to visit the church. It’s pristine mosaics and frescoes depicting the life of Jesus and Mary fully encapsulates the history and religion of the era. If you’re into history and religion, this is the perfect place for you to visit. 

Moreover, the beautiful artworks in the church are worth seeing. There is nothing quite like Byzantine art that can truly capture your heart. Each piece tells a magnificent story of the period it represents. 

The Chora Church was once a house of worship and eventually converted into a museum in 1948. This was done by the government to help protect the facade from further damage. 

Pay the church a visit when you’re lodging in Hotel Santa Pera. The place isn’t too far off the hotel. You can travel via public transportation routes from the hotel to the church. If you’re unsure how to get there on your own, you can ask the reception for directions. 

To make your trip a little bit easier, you can also ask reception for a shuttle service. You can hire this service for the whole day and you can travel anywhere you want. Please keep in mind that this service requires an additional fee on top of your lodging bill.

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