Hotel dos and don’ts

Hotel Santa Pera: Hotel dos and don’ts

Our goal here at Hotel Santa Pera is to provide you with the best and most comfortable experience possible. Our staff will do everything in their power to meet your needs during your stay with us. 

However, in order for them to achieve their goal, vacationers would need to follow the rules of the establishment. This is not only for the staff but for the safety of the guests as well. 

To help you become the best guest that you can be and to ensure your safety at any establishment that you stay in, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts of booking and staying at a hotel. 

Do ask them about their rules regarding pets

Before checking in a hotel with your pet, make sure to call them beforehand to know whether or not they allow them inside their premises. Some hotels only allow small pets and some don’t accept guests with pets at all. 

To avoid any confusion or trouble it would be best to ask them straight away what their stand is regarding pets. If they do allow them, make sure that you can take responsibility for them during your whole stay at the establishment. 

This means cleaning up after them, taming them in public places and keeping an eye on them at all times to avoid any trouble. 

Don’t leave your child unattended

Most people love seeing and interacting with kids. What they don’t like however is when kids start to get rowdy and noisy in public places. As parents, you should take responsibility and never leave them unattended.

Letting your kids freely run around the halls and shout at the top of their lungs might ruin the experience of the other people staying at the hotel. Most of the time, these people might be too shy or ashamed to tell you but do take it upon yourself to avoid this from happening. 

Do leave the room the same way you came in

When you first check in to the room, you would instantly notice that it is clean and properly arranged. It would be best that before you leave, you can try your best to make it look the same way as when you first came in. 

We’re not saying that you should deep clean the room or anything like that. Just don’t leave any clutter or trash laying around or leave the bed undone. The best thing you could do is to make sure that all your rubbish is properly disposed of in the provided bins and all the things are where they should be. 

Don’t take home stuff from the hotel

Do take home the toiletries and the other amenities allowed by the hotel but don’t take the stuff that belongs to the establishment which may include the bathrobes, linens, utensils etc. 

Not only is this considered theft but hotels will also thoroughly inspect your room after your stay before handing you over the bill. Chances are, they’ll immediately notice if something has gone missing and they will add it to your expenses. 

Do be polite

This goes without saying but as much as possible do be polite. This can be towards the staff, other guests or to your family. If something has happened during your stay that has caused you inconvenience, try your best to inform the staff politely. Not only will they help you immediately but it will also make their day.

Remember these dos and don’ts the next time you visit Hotel Santa Pera or any other establishment. These tips will go a long way and they will help you turn into the best guests that you can be. 

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